It’s no secret that these past few weeks have been unlike any other.


Getting used to this new schedule can be challenging for parents, especially as you learn to navigate the ins and outs of home-based education. That’s why teachers are working tirelessly behind the scenes to take away the strain and make the transition easier to bear.


This year’s designated Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4 through May 8. While there are many teacher appreciation ideas for students that are well-suited to the classroom, you might be wondering how to express your gratitude from a distance! The good news is that we can still shower our educators with thankfulness, even while we respect the boundaries of social distancing.


Read on to learn 10 ways you can show the teachers in your life just how much they mean to your family.

1. Mail a card.

Looking for a way to practice writing and creative arts from home? Work with your child to create a hand-written note for their teacher. Break out the construction paper, glitter, and markers and let them get as creative as they want.


This is a simple but meaningful way to send love from afar. If they’re able, they can even address the envelope themselves.

2. Send a streaming subscription.

From Sling TV to Netflix, there are myriad streaming services available to purchase via gift card. Teachers might be working diligently from home, but they deserve a little downtime, too.


This article provides an in-depth overview of all of the options available. There are also links included to help you buy and send the digital gift cards from your computer. Send a gift subscription to the teacher’s school email address to brighten their day with a fun surprise.

3. Schedule a Zoom call.

Zoom has experienced a record-breaking surge in usage since distancing regulations took hold. As people all over the world seek ways to connect with their loved ones from afar, the video conferencing platform has become a valuable lifeline.


In fact, your teacher might have already called the class together via Zoom! If not, reach out to see if they’d be willing to chat with your child for a few minutes. This is a great time for your family to say thank you for their help and get clarification on any questions you might have.

4. Give a social media shout-out.

Many celebrities and everyday parents have taken to social media to share their sentiments on the incredible value of teachers. Television mogul Shonda Rhimes tweeted that after homeschooling her children for an hour, she realized that teachers should make “a billion dollars a year,” and we agree!


While you’re scrolling Facebook, take a second to shed light on your favorite teacher! Post a video of your child saying thank you or a picture of the homework you’re tackling and tag the school.


For more visibility, you can follow the lead of the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and use the hashtag #ThankaTeacher in your post. The PTA has also compiled a set of digital resources, from card templates to flyers, that you can use to spread the word about your favorite educator.

5. Send a care package.

Now more than ever, it’s exceedingly fun to get a surprise in the mail! Together with your child, make your teacher a special care package full of items that are both practical and fun.


From basic school supplies (glue, notebooks, pencils) to lip balm and hand lotion, the sky’s the limit on things you can include. Think about what your teacher has requested during the year, and throw in a few things they can enjoy from home, such as crossword puzzles or an oversized mug!

6. Deliver a healthy snack.

You might not be able to stay and play, but you can still deliver a sweet surprise to your teacher’s doorstep. Fill a wicker basket with a few healthy snacks to help them quarantine in style!

A few of our dentist-approved favorites include:

  • Raw veggies.
  • Fancy cheese.
  • Apples.
  • Almonds.


Wrap it all up with a fancy bow and throw in a little dark chocolate for those extra-long days!

7. Buy them dinner

Did you know DoorDash does gift cards? With more than 4000 cities participating in the food delivery program, there’s bound to be a location near your child’s teacher.


Send a gift card to their school email address and tell them dinner’s on you! They can choose takeout from more than 310,000 participating restaurants, delivering everything from pizza to pancakes.

8. Set up a volunteer schedule.

When your child does return to school, that first week back is going to be more than a little challenging for everyone involved. You can make it a little easier on the teachers by organizing a duty-free lunch day!


Make sure the idea is OK with the school administration first. Then, use a platform such as Sign-Up Genius to coordinate with class parents. Or, you can create a private Facebook group to organize your efforts.


Establish time slots and let people sign up to cover teacher shifts. You can choose to cover just your child’s class or the entire grade level. Then, let the teachers know that they can look forward to at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet that day!

9. Create a DIY teacher appreciation collage.

Use an email template to reach out to the other parents in your child’s class. Request any photos they’d be willing to share of their children working on their assignments from home, and let them know you’re working on a photo project for the teacher.


Then, compile all of the images you receive into a collage using a free online tool like Adobe Spark. Save and download the finished product and email it to the teacher. This will be a memorable keepsake that they can cherish from this season.

10. Shop Etsy for quarantine-themed teacher gifts.

Etsy has long been a go-to resource for handmade, one-of-a-kind items you can’t find anywhere else. Lately, creators have been making quarantine-themed gifts that are ideal for the teacher in your life.


From this Zoom University T-shirt to an “I Miss Your Face” soy candle, the items are quirky, lighthearted and sure to bring a smile!

Try these teacher appreciation ideas for students.

They might be miles apart, and the typical school day might look very different, but your child’s teacher is still playing a major role in their life.


That’s why it’s important to remind them just how special they are and how much they mean to you. While these teacher appreciation ideas for students are perfect for the official holiday in May, feel free to use them at any time. Any day is a great day to tell a teacher they’re doing a fantastic job and you’re thankful for their help.

If you need anything from our office during this time, feel free to contact us.